That's a pretty long wait, considering that

  • it's not a new order, but a replacement for a broken one
  • I've already been waiting for a week
  • MacBook Airs 1.8/SSD are readily available in various Apple stores world-wide

The support agent arranging the replacement for me claimed that I should take the long shipping quote with a grain of salt, so I really hope it goes out within the week.

I'm not really mad about the logic-board failure (this can happen, no matter how good their quality control might be), I was very satisfied with the ease with which the replacement process is handled, but I'm slightly annoyed that they make me wait for the same time as if I had ordered a new MBA - It's a replacement for a broken one, that should be assigned a higher priority! After all, they could probably easily ship one from an EU Apple Store that has them in stock!

PS: The CTO is nothing special, so it doesn't explain the long lead time. It's just because of the additional Apple Remote I ordered together with the MBA, but the laptop itself is a stock 1.8GHz/SSD model.