VoodooPad Docs on iPhone

UPDATE: If you downloaded yesterday or today, please re-download. There was a little bug in it that might delete files in the directory you are exporting to. Sorry for that.

I'm an avid user of FlyingMeat's excellent VoodooPad note-keeping/wiki/whatever application and use it for a variety of purposes, such as organizing code snippets, lecture notes, sketching out ideas, keeping track of stuff, etc...

While VoodooPad has some nice web exporters built in, I wanted to somehow read VoodooPad documents on the iPhone without having to put them onto a web server (and thusly fussing around with authentication etc...).

So what I did was create a little web export plugin that will export a VoodooPad document as a data URL bookmarklet that can then be sync'ed to the iPhone (via iTunes) to be read offline on the iPhone.

It's basically a very simple thing, but could be incredibly useful to some people.

However, be aware that the iPhone has limited memory, so large documents with images or other embedded files might crash the iPhone's browser. I've tested it up to bookmarklet sizes of 350K, though (the exporter will tell you the size of the generated bookmarklet), but a 1.5M bookmarklet consistently crashes the browser.

You can download the export plugin here: VoodooPhone.