Visual Mobile Search Engine

Gizmodo is running a post about a mobile visual search engine today that'll come to the iPhone in June, once SDK-based apps will be distributed.

There's a short video outlining how it's supposed to work: You simply snap a picture of a DVD or CD cover and get back thorough information about the title, preview clips and maybe even a "buy online" link.

If this'll work even nearly as well as in the video, it's going to be an awesome technology. Imagine being able to snap a picture of a movie poster on the street that looks interesting, then get thorough information about it, theatres that play it (and when), etc... or getting reviews of video games you're looking at in stores... or getting reviews about bars and restaurants by taking a shot of their logo...

This could be a huge market in a few years, when mobile internet access becomes as ubiquitous as cameras in cellphones already are today. We should keep an eye on this. I, for one, am greatly looking forward to the release of the iPhone client in June.