How many iPhones are there in Austria?

Since my two iPhone apps, Quick ORF and VienNav, are extremely Austria-centric, I thought that their Google Analytics stats would be quite interesting in order to tally the iPhone density in Austria.

The iPhone has only been officially available here for a little bit more than a month, so they are still mostly confined to the early-adopter crowd. Also, it's impossible to extrapolate absolute numbers from these stats, but they are still somewhat salient.

Quick ORF stats (online since March 22nd, 2008) (iPhone/iPod Touch only)

  • Pageviews: 2,450 (not counting AJAX requests)
  • Unique Visitors: 1,890
  • Unique Visitors from Austria (total): 1,053
  • Unique Visitors from Vienna, Austria: 662
  • Time on Page: 00:02:32

VienNav stats (online since April 3rd, 2008) (iPhone/iPod Touch only)

  • Pageviews: 1,181 (not counting AJAX requests)
  • Unique Visitors: 996
  • Unique Visitors from Austria (total): 468
  • Unique Visitors from Vienna, Austria: 384
  • Time on Page: 00:03:18

The average time spent on the page is only included here because it shows that a large majority of visitors is actually using the web app rather than just checking out the front page, which is a good thing and also hints at most people actually having some sort of interest into Austrian TV and public transportation. Maybe there are some Austrians living abroad amongst the visitors, too.

Consequently, the unique visitors from within Austria take up most of the total uniques. Among those, Vienna is by far the place with the most iPhones, which is somehow not surprising, since it is by far the largest city in Austria.

Do these stats allow to draw conclusions about the total number of iPhones and iPod Touches within Austria? Judging from the operating system stats, the unique visitor counts shown here are made up of approximately 60% iPod Touches and 40% iPhones. If we take a look at the Quick ORF stats and further assume that about 10% of Austrian iPhone users have checked out the app, that would mean that are about 7560 iPhones in use within Austria. 10% using Quick ORF is a pretty high estimate, though, so if we depart from a few different assumptions, we get the following table:

  • 10% use Quick ORF: 7,560 iPhones in Austria
  • 5% use Quick ORF: 15,120 iPhones in Austria
  • 3% use Quick ORF: 25,200 iPhones in Austria
  • 1% use Quick ORF: 75,600 iPhones in Austria
  • 0.5% use Quick ORF: 151,200 iPhones in Austria

It's a difficult guess since we know neither of the two metrics exactly, i.e. either the percentage of Austrian iPhone users having accessed Quick ORF or the total number of iPhones in Austria. Thusly, it's only an interesting math exercise and not an accurate estimate, but I'd say that the "5% use Quick ORF: 15120 iPhones in Austria" figure is probably the most likely one. Not bad for only having been on the market for about a month with only 8 million potential customers in total!