Finally wrote the "About" page

I squashed the time waiting for the FedEx guy this morning by finally writing a proper "About" page for this blog as well as my website. Since the last redesign some 6 months ago, the "About" page has only read "Soon, soon". Well, soon is finally here at last...

Have a look at it, there's some cool twist to it: It's me, distilled into a Javascript-powered semantic tag cloud.

For the interface design inclined, I've long been toying around with ideas on how to embed an additional dimension of relationships into tag clouds while retaining the casual, unordered character that sets a cloud-style layout apart from a (rather boring) list. I believe that the way in which this cloud delivers a big picture at the first glance, but allows the visitor to "zoom in" onto certain aspects is quite interesting conceptually. Something to think about, something that might be expanded upon.

For the more technically inclined, it has been built on top of jQuery and the color animation plugin. The tag relationships are defined by assigning CSS classes to the tags, where each class represents a semantic group. A tag can be part of different groups than those it "links" to. This way, relationships can be defined without needing to tinker with Javascript code, while still being able to write completely valid (x)html code. I think it's a pretty neat implementation of the underlying idea, considering it was written in little more than 30 minutes.

My new "About" page