Introducing Touché

I just pulled the lever and released the first public beta of Touché, an open-source multitouch tracker and framework for FTIR multitouch tables under MacOS X.

Touché has been created as a test-bed for multitouch experiments during my master's thesis. It consists of a standalone tracker with plenty of configuration options and a nice GUI, and a Cocoa framework that can be embedded into custom applications in order to communicate with and receive tracking data from the tracker app. This happens via Cocoa Distributed Objects, making the communication rather efficient.

Additionally, Touché uses core MacOS X technologies such as QuickTime, the Accelerate framework and Core Image in order to achieve the best tracking results possible in the most efficient way. Also, it uses popular (and well-tested) open-source libraries such as libdc1394 (to control FireWire cameras) and OpenCV (as blob detector).

Check out the project page for more info on Touché and some videos.

Quick sidenote: Touché basically tracks bright things, so you can also abuse it for other purposes, such as tracking a bright LED in front of a camera. It also supports the Wii Remote, so you could come up with fun uses of that, too. Be creative! It doesn't need to be limited to FTIR multitouch tables.