Touché 1.0b2 — TUIO 'n'stuff

After two weeks of frantic work, Touché 1.0b2 is ready to be played with! I've already written down release notes in so many different places today, so I'll be lazy here and just give out a quick'n'dirty overview:

  • TUIO output support
  • Color Inversion Filter (for people needing to track dark blobs on a bright background)
  • Improved/more flexible background subtraction
  • Better support for libdc1394 cameras
  • 32/64-bit universal binary (ppc, ppc64, i386 and x86_64)
  • Significant performance improvements
  • Bugfixes

There's some additional coverage on 1.0b2 out there in various places, which are listed off below:

Have fun with it and be sure to report any bugs you might find (and I'm sure there are some) via the issue tracker at Google Code.