Quick ORF just got a bit better!

A couple of days ago, word about the new iPhone "web app" mode hit the blogs, which was added in iPhone OS 2.1 and allows web applications to run in their own process, without the Safari controls taking up valuable screen space.

While I wanted to support this rather cool feature in my own iPhone web apps, it isn't just as easy as adding the appropriate meta-tag to the markup. There are some difficulties: First, all non-javascript links will open Safari, which gets in the way of some features. Secondly, the host web view doesn't remember the last url when it's relaunched, but always opens the top-level bookmark url.

Fortunately, both limitations are easy to work around by replacing links with Javascript calls that update the document location and by using cookies to keep track of the app's state and reload the appropriate view when the app is opened again.

So Quick ORF has been ported to web app mode now, showing program information inline and restoring the previously opened URL when relaunching the app. Just add Quick ORF to your home screen to use it in web app/full screen mode.

Quick ORF