Breaking the Silence on Touché

I haven't been a verbose blogger lately, and some people have already been emailing me about why there hasn't been much going on in Touché's repository lately either. Well, let me explain...

Currently, I am working on a new, better multitouch table to develop Touché on, since the original table was my first attempt and has a couple of shortcomings. This work has taken up most of "multitouch" time lately, but it's progressing well and should be finished this week.

As soon as the new table is done, I'll release beta 3 of Touché and will continue working on the codebase and documentation (which will be much more fun for me on the new, less frustrating table). I'll promise to have a look at the most wanted feature requests, too (mostly ROI selection and more DI-friendly filters).

More info about the new table when it's done!