Migrating to Media Temple

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm migrating my websites (this blog and gkaindl.com) from Bluehost to Media Temple tonight. That is, the copying has already been done, but I'll point the nameservers at my registrar over to the new host.

Additionally, I'm upgrading my Chyrp installation that I'm using on this blog from to 2.0rc2. That's a huge transition, since almost every aspect of Chyrp has changed dramatically: There's a new theming engine, new class structures and relationships, and much more. I had to port over quite a lot of code to prepare this switch, so there is a huge potential for having messed something up.

Ideally, there shouldn't be any downtime of either site (including the iPhone web apps), but it's quite possible that I messed up something trivial, so I thought it would be smart to warn everybody before pushing the switch. If you notice any weirdnesses or errors within the next couple of days, please let me know.

My motivation for changing the hosting provider is mainly one thing: Reliability. While I believe that Bluehost offers an excellent shared hosting plan at an unbeatable price (even the support was stunningly good), there has hardly been a day in the last couple of months where my sites haven't been down for at least a couple of minutes. Usually, it's someone else on my shared server not playing nice, sometimes it's a hardware issue, sometimes it's just plain, old-school "downness".

Media Temple is more expensive, but offers a "grid service" hosting plan, which relies on redundancy to keep downtime at an absolute minimum. Also, it appears to be much faster than Bluehost, making my sites quite a bit snappier. I like that.

I'll post again once the migration is complete, and the DNS changes have propagated to the root nameservers. Wish me luck!