Touché 1.0b3 — Glitzy'n'Flashy

Exactly two months after the release of beta 2 on September 1st, beta 3 of my Touché multitouch tracker is ready today. You can already grab it from the official homepage. There's also a video about the new features as well as the release notes.

Apart from oodles of bugfixes and performance improvements, the most significant new feature is direct support for TUIO output via Flash XML-Socket, meaning that you can now connect Flash applications directly to Touché without needing to use an adapter application such as flosc. I think this is a pretty cool feature for those of you that work with Flash: Not only is it much more convenient not to have to worry about launching a TUIO distributor and flosc (Flash apps connect to Touché automagically), but it's also much more efficient than going over a translator. It's definitely something I'm very happy with myself.

Also, it's now possible to threshold the video frames not only based on luminance, but also on distance from a reference color: This is nifty if you are tracking blobs that are not necessarily brighter than the background, but have a distinct color instead. Additionally, you can use this filter to "abuse" Touché into being a tracker for color markers and do your own thing with that.

Just a quick word on why it took 2 months for beta 3 to come out: I was busy spending my "multitouch time" building a laser-based table, which is now finished and provides for much better tracking results and stability than my previous FTIR design. It was a lot of work for a DIY-challenged person such as myself, though. I'll post more details about the laser table (lovingly referred to as "The Death Star" by some of my friends) later this week. Stay tuned.

But for now, have fun with Touché 1.0b3!

Touché 1.0b3 homepage
Touché 1.0b3 screencast
Touché 1.0b3 Sparkle release notes