While the Augmented Reality Webcam girlfriend is something so insanely bizarre in its concept and execution that I would have been very surprised if it was created in any other country than Japan, there's something else I'm really surprised about: That nobody else has put a similar product to the market before.

Like, when I did a lecture and exercise about virtual and augmented reality, my first project was to create a model of Bender, which would stand on a marker and lose its balance when you tilted it, trying not to fall off (random trivia: I chose Bender partly because he's awesome and partly because he's ridiculously trivial to model out of 3D primitives like cylinders, cones and spheres). Having someone stand on the marker and being able to virtually torture them seemed so obvious to me!

My next project was a recreation of the classic Scorched Earth game, complete with cool tank props with markers on them, taking cubicle warfare to the next level.

In any case, I hope to see more AR games in the future, I see a lot of potential there, especially in the "casual games" market. Though being a little bit less on the misogynous side would be nice.

Nevertheless, I think the ending of the video above will give you a fun "wtf?" moment.

(via Gizmodo)