An old NUI community update showed up in NetNewsWire today for some reason (probably changed GUUIDs). However, I haven't noticed this video before in which Touché is being used as a tracker. Nice stuff!

While Touché isn't explicitly mentioned, you can tell it's being used by the second demo app being the Coverflow demo that comes with it, which uses the Touché embedded framework, which in turn means that it can only be used with the Touché tracker.

I particularly like the Youtube comment about the fast response time of the tracker. This will get even better soon, since I have purchased a copy of Intel's C/C++ Compiler as well as their Math Kernel Library and Performance Primitives, which will be integrated into Touché in the near future (some quick testing has already shown considerable speed-ups just by compiling libdc1394 and OpenCV with icc instead of gcc and some compiler flag magic!). Don't worry, though, Touché will still be a 32/64-bit universal app that runs on PowerPC Macs as well. Stay tuned for more news about this!