A stream of pictures

As an almost recreational task, I implemented a new feature for my homepage. I call it my picstream.

It is meant to be an unordered collection of pictures that I take throughout the day, individually very much meaningless, but as a whole an impressionistic recollection of a small part of mine. It differs from a Flickr stream in that it does not attempt to be a photographer's work or even artistic by any means. It differs from a Twitpic stream in that it is persistent, but separated from explanatory text justifying each picture's value. Finally, it differs from an ordinary photo gallery in that it does not document, but potentially mislead and distort.

I particularly enjoy the mosaics formed by the thumbnails, turning the individually partly boring, partly blurry, partly nice pictures into a whole whose aesthetics I find pleasing.

Technically, it's a trivial PHP script that enables me to upload pictures via S/FTP (which I can do from my iPhone with Air Sharing Pro), but it also scrapes my Twitpic account to preserve those pictures that were originally destined to be part of an ephemeral blurb, thus multiplexing those pictures that I want to showcase intentionally with those that were part of a particular unit of communication, e.g. a tweet. Pictures are always stored on my own server though, since I do not want to leech Twitpic's bandwidth.

There is even an atom feed available, which can be used to integrate the picstream into services that accept such a feed as an input. Naturally, all the pictures are shared under a Creative Commons license (attribution nice, but not necessary).

Link: My picstream