Quick ORF jQTouch-ified

Quick ORF was my first iPhone app, written as a web app shortly after the original iPhone (remember, the one with just EDGE networking) came out in Austria in March 2008. It was based on a Javascript framework called iUI, which aimed to mimic the behavior of native apps at a time when the SDK wasn't available yet.

Recently, I heard about about the newer jQTouch framework, which is based on the popular jQuery javascript library and uses state-of-the-art Webkit technologies such as built-in transitions for a much smoother and more refined experience than iUI. As an experiment, I ported Quick ORF over, which was a surprisingly painless progress. It definitely feels more polished and reliable now, too. Also, jQTouch aims to support all mobile Webkit browsers (not limited to the iPhone, but including the Pre and Android as well), which is another boon. If you're looking to develop a mobile web app right now, jQTouch is a great choice.

Since I'm personally still using my old iPhone web apps, I have an interest in keeping them up-to-date and usable. VienNav will be the next one getting a little modernization, but it's just a small side-project, so it will probably take a while.

Link: Quick ORF